Help us keep PALS Seminars, Workshops, Circles and Events no-cost. Whatever you donate today will help us offset PALS’ minimal operating costs. These include monthly/annual fees for hosting and managing PALS website, ZOOM, MailChimp and AdEvent platforms, hiring ASL interpreters when requested, and making sure that PALS hybrid technology, print materials and office supplies are up to date. Your very appreciated donation is not tax deductible because PALS is currently classified as an Unincorporated Association. PALS advises members and supporters about all of its finances on a regular, or by individual request basis.


▲ For a closer look at PALS

Planning Ahead for LGBTQ+ Seniors [PALS] is a volunteer-led community initiative, based in greater Palm Springs, CA, to help LGBTQ+ adults and friends plan ahead before a health or other life-altering situation arises. By providing an array of no-cost seminars, workshops, special events and social activities each year since 2013, PALS has become so much more than presenting useful information about financial, health, legal and end-of-life planning — PALS is where friendships blossom and difficult conversations about aging, care and loss happen without stigma and judgment.

PALS is also where we gather the community together to address the most difficult aspects of aging for LGBTQ+ seniors (and soon-to-be seniors) — many of whom are estranged from family, have no children, have lost a spouse, or are single and living alone. That is, the isolation and loneliness that became ever more palpable after Covid-19 shut down the entire world back in March 2020.

Even during the Pandemic, PALS didn’t stop or miss a beat in offering tools and information for planning ahead while creating a community of people who look out for each other:

• We quickly pivoted from in-person programming to an all-virtual format by revamping PALS Seminars, Workshops and Special Events for ZOOM.

• We did the same with the Death Café, so that members could continue having candid conversations aimed at demystifying death and dying while also making the most of their lives now.

• We created and launched a weekly PALS CAFÉ as a friendly place for LGBTQ seniors (and future seniors) to meet every Wednesday from 4-5 pm and share their life stories, learn about topics of mutual interest, and support each other during a 3-year period of unchartered feelings of loss and uncertainty.

• Once public health restrictions eased enough to where it was safe to meet inperson in a group setting again, we transformed the PALS Café into the PALS Circle so that LGBTQ+ seniors with limited mobility and/or who prefer to continue meeting with each other virtually could still have a fun and informal hour to get together online. Now offered each Wednesday from 6-7 pm, PALS Circle has no agenda, no topic — just fun conversation and sharing among folks who are looking after each other in a meaningful way.

• As we celebrate PALS 10th Anniversary Season and look forward to providing PALS 11th year of Seminars, Workshops, Death Cafe and Pals Circle, we’re relaunching this GoFundMe campaign to raise another $3,000, so the all volunteer steering committee will have enough funds to cover all the “behind the scenes” expenses outlined above.

So be a PAL and contribute* generously, knowing that all funds raised will go towards PALS mission to create a community that looks out for each other. https://gofund.me/26e8ab81

Contributions to PALS GoFundMe site are not tax deductible because PALS is classified by the IRS as an “Unincorporated Association.” For more information about PALS programs, upcoming calendar and more visit http://palsinthedesert.com/.